Opening in 1995, we are proud to be Keene's first brewery bringing American brewing traditions lost to prohibition (1919 - 1933). Owned and operated by Debra Rivest since its conception, Elm City Brewing Company has become known for superb food and well crafted beers. 

We are passionate about what we do. Come see what we're all about today! 


Fresh Food

At our core, we believe in serving fresh, homemade, flavorful food at all times. Fresh food is fundamental to our success and we believe that good food comes from good ingredients. We are proud to serve you food made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever we can. Our soups, breads, sauces, salad dressings, and desserts are made fresh daily.

Recycling, Composting and Repurposing

Elm City Brewing Company proudly recycles and composts all of our prep food waste. Spent grains from the brewing process are picked up by Manning Hill Farm who uses them to help feed their livestock. We then buy their yummy milk that is packaged in reusable glass containers! Our empty grain sacks are given to Stonewall Farm which they use to package their compost. All of our to-go containers are biodegradable and we do not use plastic bags. Our drinking water is filtered and we do not sell bottled water. We are conscious about limiting packaging and shipping distances in the products we buy. We care about the environment and believe that making even the smallest changes can help make a difference. 

Shopping Local

Our fresh, handmade food wouldn’t be the same without the help of local farmers supplying us with delicious, fresh ingredients. Whenever we can, we try to shop locally. If we can’t find what we need in the Monadnock Region, we will find the next closest alternative.